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Coop Ready Heritage Breed Pullets!

Marker 99 is located at Mile Marker 99 of the old Western Maryland Railway where it crosses Leathers Road.  We are a small homestead on the side of the South Mountain range of Western Maryland near the High Rock overlook outside of Smithsburg, MD.
Our focus is poultry, mainly heritage breed coop ready pullets.  From this we have expanded to selling days old chicks, eggs, locally grown non-GMO feed and pastured broilers & turkeys.
We pride ourselves in trying new methods and practices we read about and those we come up with on our own.  We routinely post these on our facebook site, so please give us a like to stay up to date. 
We field lots and lots of poultry questions so we make this disclaimer- We are not vets or formally trained in farming, poultry or anything else for that matter.  We simply try, take note of what works and what doesn’t, and share this experience with people who ask.

(301) 748-9868

23630 Leathers Rd, Smithsburg, MD 21783

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