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What is coop ready?

Generally by 4 weeks of age a chick can handle most temperatures with protection from extreme weather.  They can use any waterer, learn routine and easily fall in line when introduced to a new flock under supervision.

Why buy coop ready?

Brooding chicks is a novel experience but dirty, requires special accommodations and result in more roosters.  Chicks are fragile and it is not uncommon to experience losses along the way.  A coop ready pullets are more hearty but still small, cute and young enough to handle for a friendly chicken later. 

By 4 weeks old we can start to pick out roosters by being able to observe the birds with their siblings so our sexing rates are generally higher.  But some roosters are late bloomers who show no signs for months! 

Why buy from us?

We are local, we maintain stock all year round.  With the farm stores you have to be on the lookout for when they have chicks.  The chicks are usually confined in feed troughs with a limited breed selection and high amounts of roosters (ask anyone who has bought chicks from TSC)!

Online hatcheries do not generally cater well for small flocks.  Large minimum orders, small order fees or high priced chicks which may not all be available when you are ready! 

You can come visit our location, the faces will always be the same.  Our facility can handle chicks to laying hens which gives you a greater, healthier selection! 

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