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Have layers on your farm?  Looking to get into the broiler/meat chicken business?  We can help raise your flocks from days old to coop ready, market weight or all the way to ready to lay or butcher.

Building Soil

Own an orchard or pasture and want to build your soil structure?  We will bring our chicken tractors out and run meat birds through.  They will mow, dethatch, deposit manure, weed, consume dropped fruit and more!  One tractor can enrich 5000 square feet every 4 weeks.

It's not the plant, it's the soil.


We are developing our compost operation.  A large flock of chickens are composting machines.  If you have food scraps (like a school or church and want to avoid the landfill), clean yard trimmings, or manure we would like to hear from you!

Small Events

Yoga instructor?  Book club?  Study group?  We have a front porch with a great view of the Cumberland Valley.

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